"I'd like to re-introduce Vancouver

to the fine art of Water & Color"


My artistic journey started in Manila with a degree in Marketing from De La Salle University. I found myself deep in Learning and Development as a Management Trainer and while I liked what I did, it wasn't what I loved. In 2009, I left my job to pursue art by enrolling in a basic 3D animation and multimedia course. Eight thousand hours and 1 demo reel later, I abandoned it. Although it was art, there was still something missing. Between 2010 and 2014, I specialized in black and white, graphite Character Portraits.

In 2015, I had discovered watercolors. My journey started with teaching myself the basics. When I reached a decent enough level, I took a few workshops (6 to this date) to enhance my knowledge and skills as a painter.  In that process, I have discovered so much about myself, about life and who I am as an artist.

Art to me is a reflection of the self. Each painting that I do has a meaningful message or story to be shared whether they are of animals, places or people. There are lots of things to take inspiration from yet the dizzying pace of life as we know it will always get in the way. My art has allowed me to experience moments where all I can be, is just be. Present. If we can find more of these moments, we would be reminded to slow down, appreciate and cherish the one life we have and the world around us with a different set of eyes.


I will always be enchanted by the purity, allure and simplicity of this medium. What a privilege it is to have discovered my passion in it. We’ve all dabbled with watercolors growing up,  now allow me to re-introduce you to the fine art of Water & Color.