• Brod Wong


The Vancouver Urban Sketchers was at the 33 Acres Brewery Pub joining the crowd for some onsite sketching, drinking and food. It was a rainy Saturday afternoon and the place was buzzing with activity.

I didn't have any lunch yet so a doughnut and coffee was all I could get. This was an earl grey's doughnut with what I thought were chili flakes. They were actually fresh rose petal sprinkles.

This was the beer paddle ordered by a couple of urban sketchers. It's a good way to sample different flavors and hop levels.

I couldn't stay too long as I had an appointment to keep, promising my 6 year old nephew that I'd come over to play video games with him. I painted just two beers and planned on finishing it when I got home. It was a long day for me and arrived home at about 1130pm. I must have caught a second wind since I was wide awake and could not wait to paint. So that's what I did. After my nightly rituals, I set off to paint at around 1245 and took my time. I believe a pizza was ordered and consumed in between and I finished at around 430am.


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