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This was done at a life painting session at the Basic Inquiry Life Drawing Studio and Gallery. Japanese Flute Player Imi Oto graced us with her presence and flute playing as she modeled for 3 hours. I thoroughly enjoyed her mini-concert and seeing the many accoutrements that made up her full attire. One song that stood out was her rendition of Across The Universe by the was the perfect zen moment to be in. She has traveled to many countries playing at wedding receptions and many other social gatherings. Thanks to Alain Maurice Boullard for bringing together music-and-art-in-action all in one space.

Here is Imi and the Japanese flute she played with. I was flattered that she chose and posed with my painting for the picture taking after the entire session was over. 

She carefully and neatly packed her costume. I didn't realize there were a few layers of clothing underneath. It just looked like one kimono from the outside. I was in awe by the intricate design and patterns of the individual pieces. I sent her a copy of the painting after. hope to one day include this painting in an exhibit!


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