To reserve your table, please send your payment through Interac e-Transfer.

Interac e-Transfer is a convenient way to send, request and receive money directly from one bank account to another.

Log in to your online bank:

  1. Navigate to Interac e-Transfer Send Money.

  2. Select the account you would like funds transferred from.

  3. Add a contact:

        -Name: Broderick Wong and

        -Email address: 

   4. Type in the specified amount you are sending, along with a

       personalized message.

   5. Enter a security question and answer. 

   6. Provide me the answer. (Without the answer, I won't be able 

       to receive the amount for your registration)

   7. I will receive a *notification and then deposit the funds to

       my account through my online bank.

   8. You will receive an e-receipt to confirm your payment.

   9. You will receive a list of materials to bring to the workshop.

*Your money does not travel by email or text message – only notifications and deposit instructions do. Your financial institution and the recipient’s financial institution exchange funds using established and secure banking procedure.

Do you have any questions? Talk to me!