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Watercolor is a FUN way to paint and it's simpler than you think!

It can swirl 

and drip


and bleed

It's the only medium that can paint a painting with you.


Hi there, Brod here!

When I started, I knew absolutely nothing about painting. There weren't any instructors to guide me so I had to teach myself. (and ruined many paintings)  Over a brief period, & lots of perseverance, it led to many fun opportunities I would have never dreamed of achieving!

Classes - Landing Page - Harmony.png

First Place: Harmony Festival Plein Air Champion

Classes - Landing Page - Opus.png

 Featured Artist for a

major art supply chain

Classes - Landing Page - Pets.png

My quirky pet portraits were featured on Social Media

Classes - Landing Page - Demos.png

 Held a string of public painting demonstrations

Classes - Landing Page - Masters.png

First Place: 2018 Grand Prix Plein Air Master's Division 

Classes - Landing Page - Fabriano.png

One of the 2019 Canadian reps to a prestigious exhibit in Italy

Classes - Landing Page - Workshop.png

I facilitated numerous live watercolor painting workshops for people who have never picked up a brush before  

What Makes These Classes Different?

Have you taken other classes with long lectures, repetitive drills, mediocre exercises, leaving you second-guessing yourself with only happy accidents to show?

You just need the right guidance.


No Second Guessing

You won't learn how to paint jellyfishes, lizards or whales. You will learn to master the techniques, through simple but fun and appealing characters. 


Have Fun While You Learn

The course videos are professionally produced to educate and entertain. This balance ensures a variety of presentations, instruction, humor and pacing!


Sequential Learning

Lessons include carefully designed activities to match the skill level. I've designed this course to build new information on top of what you already know.


Short Laser-Focused Lessons


No Information Overload


Let Go of the Fear of Starting

Watercolor painting can have overlapping, multi-layered challenges. I peel away those layers, allowing you to learn only what you need to know at that time, to get you to the next level.

I’ve distilled traditional art theory into its essence. I use easy to understand language and thoughtfully produce the lessons: Straight to the point. No extra fluff.

Paint with more confidence, minimize any rework and overcome any initial hesitation using my 4 Strengths Method. This alone, is a complete GAME CHANGER.

Who are you?

Whether you're a beginner or an on and off painter (but still need more guidance) there is something here for you. 

Course Activity 3.jpg
Course Activity 4.jpg

Are you someone who:

  • Never painted in watercolors

  • Painted before but it's hit or miss

  • Wants to know how much water to use

  • Wants to make a smooth wash 

  • Struggles with patchy paintings 

  • Needs to unlearn old habits

Or are you one who:

  • Already has a solid understanding of consistencies

  • Is comfortable with basics techniques

  • Is ready to learn a different style

  • Is ready to paint with more water

  • Wants to learn how to let the water do all the painting for you

Or maybe you may:

  • Have a solid understanding of consistencies

  • Know the right materials to use

  • Want to learn how to mix colors

  • Want to know how to paint details

  • Want to paint backgrounds

  • Be ready to paint bigger scenes



"You will not be disappointed because you will have fun. "

"You will not be disappointed because you will have fun. Brod is a wonderful artist and instructor, he is well-prepared for the workshop/class. His explanations and demos and narration are very clear, steady camera and well-paced speed. The painting I am planning to do is a repeat of a previous piece but with this one, I want to apply what I learned from your workshops onto this one and see the difference. Thank you for being an awesome instructor!"

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Judy Chan

Watercolor Enthusiast

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