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This next competition took me all the way to West Vancouver. I got lost on the way there and was a bit late. Thank you to Alfonso L. Tejada who advised that I register at the end so I can get started.

This challenge took 3 hours and there was no specific theme other than paint anything that catches your eye. The weather was mostly gray skies and thankfully, it only started to drizzle at the end.

The view of the boathouse. There was lots of other details, bits and pieces, rocks and logs scattered on the beach. Quite an intimidating subject to start with I think.

I tried a different approach this time to use use the white of the paper to describe light. I was uncertain whether this was too much of a subject to paint within the allotted time but time was ticking, so I went alla prima and just prayed that it didn't rain.

There was a cheese and wine reception at the event too. This was only available to the artists who registered and entered the competition.

Look at the lovely spread! It should've been more than enough to get my appetite kicking since I hadn't had any breakfast that day, however, the adrenaline was still going and hunger and thirst took a back seat.

I had an amazing time. It was a unique way of ending the painting challenge. Thank you to Alfonso, the jurors Ann, Tatiana and Maria, and Opus for making all this possible. 


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