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Two other paintings of mine, on Fabriano Paper, have found a home in a charming, nautical-inspired restaurant on top of a giant cliff, overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. It all started inside a souvenir shop nearby when I asked where I could get amazing pasta. "Martini Sul Ponte" she said.

I can't remember what this pasta dish was called. The pasta resembled a chewy "drill bit"! But it definitely did not taste like one. This was cooked to perfect al dente. It was so gooood.

I asked the owner if I could paint while I have my lunch. He said: "Why Not? I come back later and see, maybe I buy." Woah, no pressure! After I finished this fantastic orange-mousse cheesecake with raspberry compote, more people were coming to eat. I felt I was just taking up table space so I called for the bill. The owner asked me if I was finished painting. I said not really but I didn't want him to lose customers. He shrugged it off and said: "You stay, no problem." He then offered another table instead, that is slightly out of the shade. I happily took it and there I finished painting a scene of the water and buildings in front of the restaurant.

Well, he bought it and Martin proceeded to express to me what he was feeling when he looked at my painting. He said that up close, it's a painting but as he steps farther away from it, it becomes more realistic. His voice broke and his eyes welled up a bit as he continued and that's when I realized, how much it really meant to him. It's rare for me to hear and see what my clients say about my painting the first time they see it and I was so moved by his reaction. I told him that I would like to make another painting for him, this time a portrait as my gift. He said: "The next time you come, you eat better".

Two days later, the day before I had to leave for Vancouver, I climbed back up to the restaurant on top of the cliff to give this portrait to him. (And yes, I did eat better! lol)

I went back the next day to say my goodbyes to my friend and already, the portrait and the scene were framed. What an amazing encounter. I am so happy to say that I have two paintings and one friend in Italy, on top of a cliff in small fishing village called Sperlonga.


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