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Broderick Wong Watercolors has come to North Vancouver!

People were eager in anticipation as much as I was to paint for them!

And here we go! Painting in front of a crowd is intimidating for the first couple of minutes. When I paint, I am transported to a totally different place and this happens almost instantly every single time. It's just a matter of verbalizing my thoughts as I paint. Easier said than done!

The painting is finished and either I was rubbing off some paint off on my chin or I was thinking of what else I can share about the techniques that I used. It may have been both.

The afternoon group has arrived and I am ready to paint!

I've got a hair dryer to my right on standby. My hair didn't need any fixing but it is one of the tools I use so we all don't have to watch paint dry. The painting is half way through and in this shot, I was about to paint the reflections in the water. With watercolors, it is imperative to to let the water paint the painting with you.

I don't really know how my demos help those who attend but this is one of those rare moments where participants sent me a picture of the paintings they did after the demo! So cool to see how much they were able to paint a full scene. I'm so proud of them! This is why I do what I do and sharing this with others is an absolute joy so they too can experience the magic and allure of this wonderful medium.


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