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Ever tried Gelato made with goat milk? This is the final painting of a study I did on site at the Milner Valley Cheese Farm.

They have over 80 happy goats and their milk is used to make cheese, Gelato, even soaps! The Hazeulnut flavored Gelato was smooth, mild and creamy.
Apart from the study, I took home with me a chunk of their signature Tipsy Goat (Cheese infused with mulberry wine) and Colby cheese.
This is the second location. A red barn Painted onsite @ South Langley. This beautiful wood-framed, gambrel-roofed red barn was built in 1888.
I read that a master carpenter was hired to build it at $1 a day!

It is truly a remarkable heritage building that remains in its original homestead configuration to show how self-reliant people were at the time to cultivate and live off the land.


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