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Broderick Wong Watercolors has come to Langley!

It was my first time here in Opus Langley and I came to the space already set up with chairs a big WELCOME sign for the guests.

I just noticed that the flip side of the WELCOME sign has instructions for the Demo Artist! How organized they are! I also like how the seats have the word RESERVED spray painted on them.

First demo done for the morning group and it looks like they all enjoyed it!

Waiting for the next group. How many will show up? It is a sunny Saturday after all and the first group was a pretty large group.

Look at all the smiles! Another packed session!

“Saw Broderick last Saturday at OPUS in Langley and he did a massively awesome water-color demo of a Langley favourite walk in Campbell Valley...inspiration in a funny non-corny sincere way. Everyone put him on the NICE GUY list.” ~ Js O.

Really enjoyed your demo at Opus Art Supplies in Langley today! Thanks for coming to visit us.” ~ Heather B.

"Enjoyed seeing the artist at work from start to finish using their techniques, brushes & paints" 

"Brilliant! Beautiful artist and excellent presenter."     

"Some great tips shared on working with a restricted palette, and laying out horizon & foreground, etc."    

"Went to Broderick's demo in Coquitlam (as well) and really enjoyed it."     

"Loved Broderick's sense of humour - very entertaining - very personable. I would definitely attend any future demos by him."

"Enjoyed this - thanks for a sense of humour."         


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