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Charles Reid is what it said on the book. I wanted to learn more about this thing called "watercolors". I recall standing in front of a shelf, inside the Vancouver Public Library, leafing through the pages, not knowing anything about watercolors but saying to myself, "This...THIS, is what watercolors should look like...I think". I was fortunate enough to meet him a year later at a workshop in France. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity. The more I learn about Watercolors, the more I can appreciate how much of a gift to the world Charles was and will continue to be. I know that he will continue to paint somewhere up there and through many of us who have been inspired by the drips and the splashes of color he has left behind.

Charles and I. Photo courtesy of Ken Cramer.

What does a painting-vacation look like in the south of France? This is one of six videos I had put together to commemorate my adventure. It's a dream of mine to travel the world and teach painting one day and this workshop, organized by Travelrite International, had set the foundations of what a successful travel workshop looks like. Shout out to @avalonjazzband whose brand of music simply hit all the right notes, carrying the beauty and charm of Provence through their nostalgic and melodic tunes.

Sarlat is especially known for its Foie Gras. I didn't paint Foie Gras but I did find a way to represent it amidst the medieval doors and windows that I kept seeing everywhere I looked. Thank you to the @avalonjazzband for the use of their beautiful rendition of "Que reste-t-il de nos amours".

Who would've thought that truffle hunting was part of a painting tour? This is one kind of hunting that does not require guns, but, dogs!

I was told that the garden in the hotel we stayed at, Hôtel Le Pigonnet , was where Cezanne had found a favorite corner to paint in. If you want to see what he saw, do wait for it until the very end! Thank you to the Jonny Hepbir Quartet for the use of their easy and relaxing version of "Autumn Leaves".

What else is there to be done on a Sunday but to sketch and paint? We were all present, creating art while soaking in the sights and sounds of beautiful Avignon, France.

The last video captures scenes of my last days in Aix en Provence and how I would like to remember it all. The accompanying song by the Avalon Jazz Band: Zou Bisou Bisou is my expression of gratitude, in song, to France, Provence for the inspiration and to the group of people who have made this artistic experience of mine, truly unforgettable.

Keep your brush wet Charles.


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