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"You have a visitor behind you...", "They are affectionate whenever it's inconvenient for you, like when you're doing homework..." , "C'mon let's go find a cat!" Those are some of the conversations I overheard while at the Cat Cafe.

I don't own a cat myself, but I was curious to see what the very first Cat + Cafe looked like since I made reference to the "Catfe" on one of my instagram posts about a Cat character named Furnando that I created for a painting competition

The place is actually a cafe and adoption shelter. There were seven resident cats that were carefully selected from the SPCA. The requirement: They needed to be the friendly ones. I was on the waiting list for walk ins as reservations were necessary to regulate the number of people coming in without causing too much stress on the cats.

When my name was called, two other cats were called as well. They had been successfully adopted! The entire wall on one side looked like one long shelf of hollow squares with holes for the cats to pass through. It was where they slept if they chose to and played if they didn't feel like coming down.

This is Jose. He's a black and white cat with a pink nose and he's very laid back. He became the subject of my painting. As I spent my first hour thinking about how to capture the essence and vibe of the place, I watched and interacted with the cats and took some pictures.

The concept that I thought of was to portray the life of a cat in the cafe by using the cubby-squares as the back drop. To ensure that the boxes don't look like cages, I did two things:  The holes that they passed through had to be visible within the perspective that I drew it in. The second was to draw a cat walking through 2 of the boxes. 

This is the final painting from my sketch at the Catfe.


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