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 do you want to learn more about color mixing without mixing mud?

have you always wanted to add backgrounds to your painting? 

  are you still using student-grade materials?


introducing my follow up course to Watercolor Painting Essentials:

Once you know the Essentials of watercolor painting, 

then you're ready to START with the basics:


STARTERS is part two of the complete and comprehensive course called Watercolor Foundations.

Learn the basic techniques that you will keep coming back to, even when you paint more complex painting down the line.

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All you need to know

about materials

Foundational Techniquess.png

Foundational techniques

Background and Detail.png

Background and details

There are 4 new activities to teach you the basic foundations.

Each activity has been thoughtfully designed to teach you a basic technique, so you can apply them to your own projects after!

even more FUN and ENGAGING activities   

Color Mixing.png
Negative Painting.png


Once you finish all the course activities, you will get additional support from me, for free!

Included are free videos where you can paint along with me to get even more practice

starting off with a simple review activity to the current level.


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Paint Along 3.png
Paint Along 1.png

what is STARTERS all about?

If you've been painting for some time and still haven't made any headway,

it could very well be one thing that constantly wipes out all your hard work and effort: 

materials do matter.

“I’ll only buy better materials when I improve”. Does that sound familiar?

Oddly enough, it just doesn’t work this way with watercolor.

I go in-depth into why and which ones to get, inside the course.



Mix a full range of colors using only 4 colors. You will learn a much easier and more enjoyable approach without the boring theory & lectures. 



Watercolors is not about painting layers upon layers of paint. I'll show you how to layer your paint to keep your painting translucent and glowing. 

Course Activity 4.jpg


Finally, you will learn how to paint simple backgrounds to anchor your characters into one complete scene and not waste any paint in the process.



Get smooth blends as I show you how to apply the 4 Strengths Method 

differently to achieve graduated transitions with more ease and confidence

Course Activity 8.jpg

i'm here to help you think like water."

"this is not your typical, traditional course.


Look at the amazing progress my students have achieved with

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Watercolor Starters - Testimonial 4.jpg
Watercolor Starters - Paula.jpg
Watercolor Starters - Testimonial 9.jpg
Watercolor Starters - Aureza.jpg
Watercolor Starters - Testimonial 7.jpg
Watercolor Starters - Dennies.jpg
Watercolor Starters - Testimonial 6.jpg


So, are you ready to finally learn how to create beautiful

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FAQ 2.jpg

• WATERCOLOR STARTERS: Gain the BASIC techniques to paint entire

  scenes, culminating part 2 of the Watercolor Foundations!                                                 

• BONUS COMPANION KIT: Ignite your learning with 3 more, FREE ACTIVITIES 

  and supercharge the way you paint!                                                                                             

• STEP BY STEP GUIDANCE: World-class, one-on-one instruction, high production

  quality videos, detailed commentary, robust visual learning prompts                              

• TRACEABLE TEMPLATES: Beautifully traceable art,  an extra resource for you

  as you continue your painting journey!                                                                                           






You will receive an email with

your login information immediately

after purchasing, so you can start

painting within minutes!


Lessons are recorded on high-quality equipment, so you can

have crips, clear videos

anywhere in the world!


Access your lessons from any

device! Use a smartphone,

tablet, or computer to apply your newfound painting skills!


My lessons are designed in a 

way that allows you to break

down my techniques and tips

in an easy-to-follow way! 



Frequently Asked Questions

  • IS THIS COURSE A ONE-TIME PAYMENT OR A MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION?  Watercolor Painting Essentials is a one-time payment and you will never be charged monthly.

  • WHAT IS INCLUDED FOR THE $27?  Watercolor Painting Essentials is an online program with training videos teaching techniques simplified, inspiration guides, and much more! 

  • WHO IS THIS FOR? It's for anyone interested in starting to paint. Whether you are a complete beginner or someone who has tried painting before and struggled, this is an ideal place to gain success making beautiful paintings.

  • WHAT IF I DON'T HAVE STRONG DRAWING SKILLSYou don’t need to know how to draw. The class is primarily about painting and I will teach you a quick and easy way to sketch (that even kids can do) in under 2 minutes, so you can start painting right away!

  • WHEN WILL I GET ACCESS? Once the order for your enrollment has been processed, you will receive an email with a link to access the library and to create a password.  (Please check your Spam or Junk folder. ) If you can't locate it, please contact us. We are happy to help. You will get access immediately after purchase as this is an online painting course. You will have total control to manage your own schedule.

  • ​IS THERE A MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE? Yes, Watercolor Essentials has a full refund policy. No questions asked.

  • ​DO I NEED TO BE LOCATED IN A SPECIFIC COUNTRY TO PURCHASE? No. The lessons are pre-recorded. You can watch videos anytime, anywhere. You can re-watch the video as many times as you need or rewind to only the parts you want. It is all available online no matter where you live! 

  • DOES THE COURSE EXPIRE? No, you have unlimited access to the course and you can work at your own pace, as long as it is online.

  • ​​APPROXIMATE COST OF SUPPLIES NECESSARY?  The materials you use do matter but you don’t want to invest in the most expensive ones right away nor would you want to start with sub-par ones (a.k.a. student grade) either. I will show you decent ones to get (not expensive, not cheap) that manage water well. This materials list is provided inside the course. 


Your success is important to us! That is why we offer a FULL REFUND if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase!

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