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Character Portraits

So, what's a...


They are portraits that highlight the character of a person

that's sort of like

a caricature right?

Well, yes and no. We all have features unique from everybody else and I try to

capture that through the use of exaggeration. Mild exaggeration. The intent is

not to make fun but to celebrate what makes them unique. I'd like to say that it's a 

balance between tasteful humor and class, with a touch of elegance.

I've seen those being done at

big events and weddings

My Character Portraits are gifted at big events and weddings but they are not done on site.

 The focus is not on the guests, but the celebrants. The professional services I offer requires

"top secret" collaborations with clients and wedding planners to make their Character

 Portrait special. All Character Portraits are done in my studio. 

Everyone has a story to share and that story will be 

told through the Character Portrait. 

Here's a quick story of mine, (not about a Character Portrait

of myself) but why I do what I do:

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